Alphafoodie food workshop in london

Rainbow Delights  Food Workshop in London

Join me for a day of celebrating all things ‘Rainbow’ this November at my Rainbow Delights Food Workshop in London . A full day of creating nutritious and delicious rainbow drinks, savoury & sweet snacks and desserts- perfect for any parties, gatherings ( or just for yourself 😉 )

We’ll start the morning by making _______ before a quick lunch break to sample some of the goodies already made then we’ll move into an afternoon of creating _______ , all topped off with a Q & A session at the end, where you can ask me any burning questions about working with brands, Instagram, photography, Recipe making etc.

Throughout the day I’ll be teaching you my techniques for both creating recipes and styling them as well as photography tips thrown in along the way.

The Details:

  • Date:  November 10th ( Saturday)
  • Time: 9am-3pm
  • Availability: 10 attendees max
  • Location: Central London (TBD)
  • Cost: £295

There is limited availability so that I can focus my attention on every participant with lots of chances for group discussions and possibly even making new friends.


( using natural food colourings/ charcoal for food and their benefits )