Rainbow Rice Eggs

I love eating natural rainbow foods and why not have rainbow eggs! The idea originally was to make something like sushi eggs and ended up with this colourful twist :). I made this for a group of friends who wanted rainbow food and who are egg lovers!

It might seem a bit of an odd combination, but I’ve always loved the super simple sushi with rice and seaweed and the stuffed sushi triangles so I thought why not do a twist on them and create a beautiful rainbow sushi egg – scotch egg style!

Rainbow Rice Eggs

Rainbow Rice Eggs

naturally coloured rainbow 'sushi eggs' are a deliciously odd combination. Perfect for a party treat or meal-prep lunchbox snack.


  • 16 hard boiled Burford Browns eggs 
  • 8 Cups Sticky rice (about half a cup for each egg)
  • Natural colours: Blue and green spirulina, freeze dried purple sweet potato powder, Turmeric, freeze dried pink pitaya (1/2 tea spoon for each three eggs - less for lighter and more for darker colours)
  • A bit of water to help wrap the rice around the eggs if needed


  1. Hard boil the eggs and peel them.

2. Add a pinch of natural food colouring and mix with the sticky rice (add less for lighter shades and more for darker)

3. Wrap the egg with the sticky rice (I wore gloves and added a bit of water to make the process easier).  

4. Serve with leafy greens and edible flowers.



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