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This is a paid advertorial with Tesco – However all thoughts expressed here are my own.

It can be really hard to maintain a healthy diet all the time and, even though I’m known for my healthy eats on Instagram, I struggle to maintain a good diet when my schedule gets really busy and deadlines for projects are fast approaching. Food shopping can become a haphazard dash to the shop for items for the projects with little thought going into ‘top-up items’ to keep me fed during other meal times – leading to less than healthy food choices and more money out of my pocket than needed.

However, I very recently got the opportunity to try out Tesco‘s new lifestyle and dietary filters and I’m really impressed; online shopping isn’t something I’d made a lot of use of previously because I always had this misconception that it would take so much longer than going in to the shop and hand selecting products that I know fit my dietary needs. Now, the Tesco website and shopping app actually allow you to choose from various lifestyle and dietary filters to tailor to your needs, which makes my life a whole lot simpler and gives me the flexibility to choose exactly which products I want.

It literally only takes a few clicks to choose your filtered products which makes online shopping more attractive by the second.

To use this new feature simply head on over to the Tesco website and choose from the various grocery sections (i.e. fresh food, frozen, bakery etc) and you can even choose sub-sections

tesco diet choices - choosing vegan products only 

and then you’ll notice a few filtering options at the top of the search results including sub-categories, brands and lifestyle & dietary. Simply click on this and all the options will show in a drop-down menu including low fat, no gluten as well as vegan and vegetarian and some types of vegetarian I’ve never even heard of before but had to check out.

tesco diet choices - choosing vegan products only 

It can also help with making better shopping choices, especially when given the low sugar, low fat etc options as we shop, in a way where we don’t have to spend time seeking out these products. This means that people who are just starting to try to eat healthier and make better choices can benefit just as much as those with specific dietary needs such as no gluten and Veganism.

Plus, the additional category filters can help to really tailor the shop to your needs, whatever they may be. So now if you’re having a breakfast morning with friends who are vegan, paleo, gluten-free etc – you know exactly what your options are and can cater to everyones needs, which saves so much time and effort!


Which is exactly what i decided to do! I decided to invite a whole group of friends over for a breakfast morning and used the Tesco filter options to create three breakfast pizzas to cater to their needs. One was vegetarian, one vegan and one organic.

As previously mentioned, these options are all also available via their app to make shopping on-the-go even easier for you. Unlike the website, with the app you have to be a bit more specific with your category choices (rather than just being able to select to see all ‘food cupboard’ items- you’ll have to choose a sub section such as ‘chocolate’ before being able to select the lifestyle and dietary filters – however these filters are still a huge time-saver, especially if you already have a general idea of the types of items you want to buy but no brands in mind.

Knowing how quick and easy it is to search with these filters would definitely help save me money as well because it means I can forego the ‘top-up shops’ that have no real plan to them (often just grabbing items for a quick dinner that night) and instead order ‘thought out’ weekly shops online or via the app and know that I’ve purchased items that fit my needs, rather than grabbing unhealthy choices at last minute.

In fact, I only have one tiny tiny bit of constructive criticism and that would be that it would be amazing to be able to choose multiple filters at once – that way I can be extra-picky and filter not only through all my vegan options but also low-fat or no gluten vegan options. This could be such a huge time saver and saving-grace for people that have multiple dietary needs. I’ve passed this feedback on to Tesco too so – fingers crossed!

Overall, I really think that Tesco have been very forward-thinking with this new filtering system, with more and more people making and wanting to make lifestyle and dietary changes. I love that supermarkets are really starting to prioritise customers’ dietary needs. This filtering system can be used by anyone to help save time (and even possibly money) and is definitely something worth checking out. I’ve put the link below if any of you are interested. Or, if you’ve had a chance to use them, let me know what you think in the comments 🙂


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