Trying Out Tesco Scan As You Shop

I got to try out the Tesco Scan As You Shop service this week. It’s perfect for anyone on a budget, looking to save a few pennies and make conscious shopping decisions. It’s also great for anyone who likes the idea of being able to bag your items as you go. It’s fast, efficient, conscious shopping and it couldn’t be simpler to use;

Go into your local Tesco and, if the Scan As You Shop service is available, then you’ll find the handy scanners close to the door. Scan your Clubcard at the pickup point and a random scanner will start flashing, ready for you to pick it up and go.

What’s really handy about this is that you can pack as you go along, meaning no mad rush at a till while the checkout person swipes items through with the vigour of someone who’s on a caffeine high. Bring some bags with you and you can sort out your frozen, chilled or fresh produce into separate bags as you go along.

Using the scanner couldn’t be simpler too – find an item you want and all you have to do is press the yellow button to scan the barcode – voila! And, if you mis-scan an item or decide to put something back, it’s really simple too.

It’s great for everyone, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can scan things as you meander through the aisles with the running total cost to help you decide whether or not that extra pack of avocados is really worth it. But, aren’t they always worth it? It also, very handily, lets you know if a scanned item has a current ‘special offer’ – just in case you hadn’t noticed.

For those of us who pop to the shops on an empty stomach and end up throwing one too many impulse items into our baskets, this really helps you to stop and really think about what you’re spending your money on, especially since you have to scan each item as you go along.

When it’s time to pay, head over to the Scan As You Shop self-service tills, scan the barcode above your chosen till and all your items will automatically transfer over to the till where you can continue to pay with whatever method you prefer.

Basically, this service is for anyone who enjoy services that make things faster and more efficient. So, everyone?


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