Welcome! At Alphafoodie, my goal is to share healthy recipes, inspire easy cooking with updated methods, and provide a wide variety of DIY recipes. I’ll guide you through essential cooking tutorials, offer helpful tips and tricks, and explore the science behind some recipes. You can trust that all my recipes are reliable and thoroughly tested. Drawing from insights gathered from family, friends, and restaurants, I aim to share the best practices with you. Plus, I tell you exactly what you need and show you step-by-step photos and videos.

Samira in the kitchen

About Samira, Founder of Alphafoodie

I’m obsessed with healthy-ish food and easy and inspiring recipes. I’m an award-winning food blogger, founder of Instagram’s Alphafoodie, and winner of Netflix’s Crazy Delicious. I graduated from The University of Oxford with a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering. With 13 years of postdoctoral research experience, I have a strong passion for math and physics, which I still teach regularly.

Crazy Delicious show judges and winner

How it all began…

A few years ago, I found myself too busy for breakfast at work, so I decided to change that. Experimenting with ingredients, I fell in love with food and began sharing my creations on Facebook. This led to starting my Instagram account in 2016. My recipes gained traction within a year, appearing in Vogue and The Times. I even appeared in the Netflix cooking competition “Crazy Delicious,” winning a Golden Apple. Through my work, I had the opportunity to meet the Royal Family and cook with King Charles III. I’ve also collaborated with hundreds of brands like Disney, Google, BBC, Pinterest, and Fox Productions. I create fun, unique, and creative content, have created my own tea set with Royal Albert, and focus on DIY projects for sustainability.

Prince Charles and Samira of Alphafoodie

My Lebanese cookbook

Lebanese Cuisine: An Authentic Cookbook” is the first of its kind! I share a collection of popular authentic Lebanese dishes using fresh, flavorful, and healthy ingredients, with step-by-step photography and stunning visuals.

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