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Oceanic Chia Recipe in jars

Simple Oceanic Chia Recipe


 This is such a simple but beautiful chia recipe for a morning, oceanic chia pudding. Chia seeds are packed full of nutritional goodness and the spirulina powders are used to […]

raspberry and mango smoothie bowl

Raspberry & mango Smoothie Bowl


 A delicious raspberry and mango smoothie bowl recipe for your sweet tooth with additional ( optional) superfood baobab powder.   Save this Raspberry & Mango Smoothie bowl recipe for later!

strawberry and cranberry smothie bowl

strawberry & cranberry smoothie bowl


  Cranberries are a powerhouse ingredient for our health but can be bitter to some. This strawberry and cranberry smoothie is delicious and mixes the nutritional value and taste into […]

Leopard brioche cake recipe

Chocolate Leopard Brioche Cake Recipe


 While I made this delicious chocolate brioche cake recipe with dairy, you are more than welcome to use vegan alternatives. [ultimate-recipe id=”5938″ template=”default”] Save this recipe for later!