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Naturally Pink Eggs

I love pink, possibly you can tell from my Instagram page and making these pink eggs was so much fun :). They would be great at a dinner party or […]

Egg clouds

This is a simple recipe to make soft and light egg clouds, they’re so much fun to do. Note: this is mainly for egg lovers. I don’t like my eggs […]

A day with the royals …

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, who had me laughing almost immediately with his down-to-earth personality and great sense of humour and […]

Derek’s Vegan BBQ ‘shroom buns

Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco. I love the vegan recipes in the Tesco Food Love Stories campaign and Chef Derek Sarno’s message about celebrating plant-based cooking aligns […]

Oceanic Chia Recipe in jars

Simple Oceanic Chia Recipe

This is such a simple but beautiful chia recipe for a morning, oceanic chia pudding. Chia seeds are packed full of nutritional goodness and the spirulina powders are used to […]