Two Ingredient simple DIY Vanilla Extract

With literally just 5 minutes of prep and two ingredients you can make delicious, home-made vanilla extract perfect for all your home baking needs.

If you follow my Instagram account then you’ll know that, especially over the last two years, I’ve absolutely LOVED DIY’ing it up in my kitchen. What is amazing though is how simple it is to make so many things at home that we spend unnecessary amounts on in-store. Vanilla extract is a perfect example of this so I couldn’t wait to share this simple two ingredient DIY with you all.

I actually worked out the maths, comparing home-made vodka method with store-bought and, although it will obviously vary depending on where you’re shopping and your area’s price for vodka and vanilla beans, here is what I’ve gathered. For a standard bottle of Vodka you’re able to make almost 3 portions of the below recipe at 250ml. With a store-bought 38ml bottle of vanilla extract costing £2, I’ve found that by making the vanilla extract at home then you cut costs by over 50%. Even more, if buying vanilla pods in bulk. Plus, even better news is that the actual Vodka doesn’t matter too much so don’t feel guilty for skimping out on that. Really, just focus on getting the nicest vanilla pods you can and you’re on to a winner.

I’ve actually included two methods for making homemade vanilla extract in this blog post. Alongside the standard vodka method, I have also included a glycerine method for those wanting to stay alcohol-free. The method is exactly the same and super duper simple. Simply cut the pods, infuse with the liquid over an amount of time and VOILA, you have a simple two ingredient DIY vanilla extract.

Even better, this extract makes a great homemade gift for any bakers in your life.

Two Ingredient simple DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe:

Makes: ~250 ml vanilla extract 

Preparing Time:  <5 minutes


For vodka-based vanilla extract:
5 minute Two Ingredient simple DIY Vanilla Extract

  • 1 cup vodka
  • 6 vanilla beans

For glycerine-based extract:
5 minute Two Ingredient simple DIY Vanilla Extract

  • 1 cup glycerine
  • 6 vanilla beans


  1. Carefully cut the vanilla beans in two, lengthwise. You can also cut them into halves so they are shorter and fit better into the bottle or jar.
  2. Insert the vanilla beans into a clean glass bottle or jar.

    5 minute Two Ingredient simple DIY Vanilla Extract
  3. Pour either 1 cup of vodka or 1 cup of glycerine in the bottle. Make sure the vanilla beans are completely submerged. Shake well.
    5 minute Two Ingredient simple DIY Vanilla Extract
  4. Store in a dark corner (in a cupboard) at room temperature. Let sit for at least 6-8 weeks before you use it. Some even keep it for months or even a year. This extract can then be replenished continuously. Simply top up the bottle with alcohol every time you use some extract and make sure that the vanilla remains fully submerged under the liquid.homemade two ingredient DIY vanilla extract

One month later …

To save this two ingredient DIY vanilla extract recipe for later:

Two Ingredient simple DIY Vanilla Extract


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