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Overnight oats with kiwi-mango yogurt

Tropical Mango Overnight Oats


 Overnight Oats with Mango Yogurt Delicious Mango overnight oats are perfect for a tropical make-ahead breakfast that is not only quick & simple but also delicious. If I haven’t said […]

blueberry Overnight oats and blueberries in a jar

Healthy Blueberry Overnight Oats


 Overnight Oats with Blueberry Yogurt A quick & Simple, healthy make-ahead breakfast. These overnight oats with blueberry yogurt are perfect for those lacking time in the morning and are a […]

Raspberry smoothie

Raspberry Smoothie Bowl


 Pink Raspberry Smoothie Bowl This pink raspberry smoothie bowl is a delicious, healthy way to start the day or for an any-time treat. Anyone that has followed me on social […]

Mango turmeric smoothie

Mango Smoothie Bowl


 Yellow Mango Smoothie Bowl This healthy yellow Mango smoothie bowl is a delicious, healthy breakfast or treat for any time of the day. I simply can’t get enough of smoothie […]

rasberry and lemon swiss roll with coconut cream

Raspberry and Lemon Swiss Roll


 A delicious twist on a classic. This lemon and raspberry Swiss roll is made up of a moist, light cake topped and filled with whipped coconut cream and home-made raspberry preserve. […]

red velvet cream cheese frosting cake

Red Velvet Cake


 Red Velvet cake with coconut whip cream I loved  making this chocolate-y flavoured red velvet cake. The fluffy sponge is perfectly complimented by the coconut whip cream. It’s delicious and […]

cookie cups recipe ice cream berries roses

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups


 Cookie cups with ice cream  Chocolate chip cookies are always so comforting and I like making them healthier by adding rolled oats and replacing most of the white sugar with brown […]

coconut shredded chips diy bows

Coconut Shreds, Chips & Bowls


 Shredded coconut, coconut chips, coconut bowls Coconuts are so versatile! From just 1 coconut, you can make shredded coconut, coconut chips and, if you like, you can also make coconut […]

french toast homemade

Cinnamon french toast with berries


 A delicious, organic breakfast of Cinnamon french toast with organic berries! This organic french toast breakfast is great for a mid-week treat or special occasions ( think valentines day and anniversary’s […]