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blueberry and acai smoothie bowl

blueberry and acai smoothie bowl

This purple acai smoothie with subtle floral lavender extract and frozen blueberries is perfect for a morning treat- With added spinach you’ll reap amazing nutritional benefits without compromising the taste. […]

rosewater and raspberry smoothie bowl recipe

Rose & Raspberry Smoothie bowl

Rose water has this lovely fragrant flavour that reminds me of Turkish delight and pairing it with a simple raspberry smoothie just takes it to the next level. [ultimate-recipe id=”5972″ […]

Cacao Acai Smoothie Bowl

Cacao Acai Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This recipe is a delicious blend of cacao, spinach/kale, berries and acai for the perfect, healthy acai smoothie bowl [ultimate-recipe id=”5998″ template=”default”]