What’s in Season – November Produce and Recipes

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November produce is varied, delicious, and full of colors, even as the ones outside change before winter sets in.

Different fruit and veggies that are in season in November

The last month of autumn keeps plenty of favorites from October and September. As the temperature drops, rustic dishes with hearty ingredients should be taking center stage in your kitchen – and this collection of November fruits and vegetables proves that Autumn can be the most delicious season of the year.

Winter Squash

Despite their name, these November vegetables come into season during the Autumn – and just in time to take pride of place on holiday tables across the world.

Butternut squash: A light salmon color on the outside and a vibrant orange inside. Butternut squash is one of the highlights of November fruits and vegetables – thanks to its versatility. This vegetable only gets better when cooked. The flesh turns soft and sweet but remains intact for winter stews and casseroles.

A big bowl with homemade roasted butternut squash soup
This creamy, cozy, and warming recipe combines roasted butternut squash soup with coconut milk, ginger, and turmeric!
Butternut squash soup

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Pumpkin: November is the last month you can enjoy these vibrant orange beauties. They become far less common in the supermarket, post-Thanksgiving. With hearty flesh so rich in fiber, you can easily use it for savory soups and vegetarian-friendly entrees.

A close up of a pumpkin burger
Delicious pumpkin bean burger with veggies and a spicy mayo sauce. A simple recipe ready in under 30 minutes.
Pumpkin bean burger

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Acorn Squash: It is usually found in my kitchen to make easy and delicious vegan-friendly main meals.

A spoonful of roasted acorn squash
Enjoy this delicious baked acorn squash recipe when the nights draw in and the weather drops below zero!
Baked acorn squash

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Kabocha: Occasionally known as a Japanese pumpkin, this stout green gourd can be used in much the same way as its namesake. It is usually prepared with surprising simplicity – roasted and sprinkled with cinnamon or used to make soups.


Providing much-needed fiber and nutrients during the colder months, these November vegetables are an easy way to add green to Fall meals.

Brussels sprouts: Traditionally, these little green brassicas are boiled, roasted, or steamed and served with bacon or, less traditionally, a balsamic glaze. Either way, they’re great vehicles for a variety of flavors.

A large bowl with roasted Brussel sprouts
These oven-roasted Brussels sprouts recipe is packed full of flavor and a perfect way to get your veggies in!
Roasted Brussels sprouts

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Kale: This leafy green is perfect for adding much-needed nutrients to your winter dishes. Whether you use ordinary kale or the curly kind, the leaves should be a deep green. The longer you keep it, the more bitter it becomes, so it’s best enjoyed fresh.

A bowl with salmon salad
Enjoy this creamy nutrient-dense salmon, kale, and potato salad.
Kale and salmon salad

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Root vegetables

A staple of November produce and particularly during Thanksgiving celebrations, this healthy carb can be enjoyed sweet or savory – despite its name. 

Sweet potatoes: They count towards one of your five-a-day where white potatoes don’t. The sweet potato is a versatile carbohydrate that has a sweeter taste than other varieties. A staple of a holiday pantry, enjoy them mashed, candied or topped with marshmallows in a casserole for an authentic taste of the season.

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Parsnips: They have a naturally sweet flavor that caramelizes nicely when cooked. You can use a parsnip as you would a potato – mash, roast, or fry it, or use it to make vegetable stock.

Roasted Parsnips in a plate with chopped parsley
These easy oven-roasted parsnips are sweet, packed full of flavor, and make the perfect side dish for the holiday table.
Oven Roasted Parsnip

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The fruits in season in November are versatile enough to be used in desserts, breakfasts, appetizers, or snacks.

Cranberries: When you think what fruit is in season in November, fresh cranberries are likely at the top of your list. Indeed, they only ever seem to come out when Thanksgiving or Christmas roll around, summoning memories of cranberry sauce and turkey. But they can do so much more than cranberry sauce!

A spoonful of cranberry sauce
Made with fresh or frozen berries, this easy cranberry sauce recipe is a staple recipe for the winter season!
How to make cranberry sauce

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Apples: Continuing from September and October, apples are a staple November seasonal fruit, with the Fuji, Braeburn, Newton Pippin, and Pink Lady varieties at their best this month.

Apple crisp and ice cream on a plate
This easy apple crisp is perfect for enjoying all year long!
Apple crisp recipe

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Pomegranate: Crack open this deeply colored fruit and pour out the delicious seeds inside. They’re rich in antioxidants and are impressively good when it comes to fighting inflammation and keeping blood pressure low.

Square pomegranate juice
How to deseed and juice a pomegranate like a pro!
How to juice pomegranates

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Persimmons: Sometimes known as Sharon Fruit or kaki, persimmons are petite November fruits with a distinctly aromatic flavor. Golden and orange in color, persimmons are native to North America. They are frequently used alongside pumpkin and autumnal spices for baking – though they can be enjoyed raw. They taste best when they’re completely ripe and have a jelly-like texture inside.

Pears: A November seasonal fruit that jumps easily between sweet and savory, certain pear varieties are at their best this month. Whether you’re slicing them into fruit salad, serving alongside chutneys and jams on charcuterie boards, or adding them to peppery salads with walnuts, look out for Concorde and Conference pears especially.

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If you try any of these recipes for what to cook in November with the November seasonal produce, let me know how it goes in the comments below. I’d love to see your recipe recreations – tag me on Instagram @Alphafoodie!

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