45 Best Christmas Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

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45 delicious Christmas breakfast and brunch ideas perfect for Christmas and Boxing day morning. Including make-ahead dishes, sweet treats, savory options, and even quick & healthy bites to feed a crowd and make the best Christmas morning breakfast!

Christmas Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

The Best Christmas Breakfast Recipes

It’s always fascinated me to learn about the Christmas morning traditions of families around the world. Whether you’re fending off excited children wanting to open presents at 6 am, up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for morning activities, or bleary-eyed in the kitchen prepping for the day ahead, a day that’s already known for its food deserves the best beginning, too! And that’s where these 45 easy Christmas breakfast (and brunch) recipes come in!

Whether you want make-ahead Christmas breakfast options to quickly cook/reheat on the day, delicious recipes to feed a crowd, sweet treats, or quick and healthy bites, these holiday breakfast ideas will help make the best Christmas breakfast menu (or holiday brunch) to fit your needs, keep everyone away from the cereal cupboard, and have you all filled and fueled until the “main event”!

Easy Christmas Breakfast Ideas For a Crowd

If you’re hosting Christmas this year and have plenty of bellies to fill, here are a few of my favorite Christmas morning breakfast ideas for crowds.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

sweet potato hash in a pan with egg

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash (Vegetarian Hash)

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Corned Beef Hash

A pan with corned beef hash and two fried eggs

Corned Beef Hash

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Simple Shakshuka

A pan with freshly made shakshuka

The Best Authentic Shakshuka Recipe

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Looking for similar saucy egg dishes? You might like Italian Eggs in Purgatory. Prefer scrambled eggs in the sauce? Try this Turkish menemen, served with plenty of bread for dipping!

Tortilla Breakfast Quiche

Tomato egg pie in a tortilla wrap

Tomato Egg Breakfast Tortilla Quiche (Breakfast Quiche)

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Easy Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos topped with avocado and cherry tomatoes

Breakfast Tacos (Vegetarian OR Vegan)

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Simple Scrambled Egg (on Toast)

Scrambled eggs and avocado toast

How to Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs (With Butter | + Flavor Variations!)

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Tofu Scrambled Egg (Vegan)

Square Tofu Scramble

Easy Vegan Tofu Scramble

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Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

Toasted bread topped with mushrooms in a round plate

Easy Creamy Mushroom Toast

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Prefer something a little lighter? Ditch the cream and go for these simple sauteed mushrooms to enjoy over toast instead.

Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes

Air fryer breakfast potatoes topped with chili and parsley

Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes

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French Baked Eggs

French baked eggs topped with herbs

French Baked Eggs in Oven (Shirred Eggs/Oeufs Cocotte)

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You can also make your favorite breakfast casserole. Let me know in the comments below what it is.

Pancakes, French Toast, Quick Breads, and Muffins

With the big savory Christmas dinner later in the day, perhaps you want to start your holiday off with a sweet treat. Here are just a few sweet Christmas breakfast desserts to feed your sweet tooth.

Thick Gingerbread Pancakes

winter wonderland christmas fluffy pancakes recipe with cream and berries

Christmas Fluffy Gingerbread Pancakes (Thick/Souffle Pancakes)

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Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

thick, fluffy japanese style pancakes with fresh berries. Refined sugar free

Fuffy Japanese Style Pancakes

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Quick and Easy French Toast

French toast with powdered sugar and fresh berries

Quick and Easy French Toast

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Easy French Toast Casserole

Adding sugar syrup over a serving of French toast casserole

Easy French Toast Casserole

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Grinch Spinach Pancakes

A stack of green spinach pancakes topped with berry compote

Healthy Oatmeal Spinach Pancakes (GF)

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Homemade Pancake Mix (For Pancakes, Waffles, and Crepes)

A bowl with dry pancake mix

The Perfect Homemade Pancake Mix

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Almond Flour Banana Bread

Banana bread a jar of pumpkin seed butter and a slice of the banana bread with the pumpkin seed butter on it

Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread (GF)

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Healthy Banana Bread

Banana Bread square

Healthy Banana Bread (Naturally Sweetened)

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All Things Bread

Whether you’re hoping to make a simple, healthy holiday breakfast (like topped toast or bagels) or are looking for the perfect bread-y treat for your Christmas brunch menu, here are a few treats you might enjoy. Plus, most of them can be prepared in advance, for a fuss-free Christmas morning!

Fluffy Brioche Bread

A French brioche on a cooling rack

Easy Homemade Brioche Bread Recipe

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New-York Bagels

Three homemade bagels and a small bowl with cream cheese

New York-Style Bagel Recipe

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This lox bagel makes for a delicious addition to your Christmas brunch.

Simit (Turkish Bagels)

A hand holding a baked simit

How To Make Simit (Turkish Bagel)

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Ricotta and Spinach Pastry (Soleil or Snowflake)

Spinach and ricotta puff pastry

Ricotta and Spinach Puff Pastry (Tarte Soleil | Holiday Appetizer)

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Avocado Egg Toast (4 Ways)

Four avocado toasts with eggs cooked in different ways

The Best Avocado Toast with Egg (4 Ways)

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Simple Cinnamon Toast

Three slices of toast on a plate

How to Make Cinnamon Toast

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Breakfast Quesadillas

Tortilla topped with omelette cheese spinach and seeds

7+ Breakfast Quesadillas/Wraps (Viral Tortilla Hack)

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Homemade Croissants

Square photo Croissant

Simple Guide to making croissant

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Simple Christmas Toast

Two hands holding a no-knead bread over a cooling rack

Easy No-Knead Dutch Oven Bread (Crusty Bread)

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What Are The Best Toast Toppings?

Whether you’re wanting to make delicious Christmas-themed toast or simple spread ideas for your croissants, bread, and bagel, here are some of my favorites:

  1. Jams – strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, rose, etc.
  2. Simple Fig Jam Recipe (Fig Preserves – No Pectin)
  3. Nut or seed butter
  4. Granola Butter (Oatmeal Butter)
  5. Coffee Peanut Butter Spread (Espresso Spread)
  6. Cream Cheese
  7. Ricotta Cheese
  8. Cranberry Sauce
  9. Healthy homemade Nutella
  10. Fresh fruit – berries, pomegranate, apple, pear, etc.
Christmas toast ideas

Best Christmas Breakfast Ideas with Oats

If you love oats the rest of the year, there’s no reason not to enjoy them as part of your Christmas breakfast menu, too. They’re versatile and delicious and will help keep you feeling fueled for hours of Christmas day festivities.

Healthy Christmas Granola

A spoonful of chunky homemade granola

How to Make Healthy Granola

View Recipe

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Healthy Apple Pie Overnight Oats (Apple Cinnamon Oats)

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Check out this list of 5 overnight oats recipes for even more inspiration.

Healthy Granola Bars

Homemade granola cut into bars

Healthy Granola Bars

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Blueberry Baked Oatmeal Squares

Baked blueberry oats served with yogurt

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

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Chocolate Chip Blended Baked Oatmeal

Baked vanilla chocolate oats

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal (Blended oats)

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Blended oats are perfect for a cake-like yet healthy holiday breakfast recipe. You might also enjoy chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, or chocolate peanut butter blended baked oats.

Stovetop Oatmeal

A bowl with berry oatmeal topped with seeds and herbs

How To Make Oatmeal On The Stove (Oatmeal Porridge)

View Recipe

Easy Apple Crisp

Apple crisp and ice cream on a plate

The Best Apple Crisp Recipe

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Nutella Strawberry Granola Pizza

strawberry granola pizza

Nutella Strawberry Pizza

Healthy Yogurt Granola Cups

healthy granola cups with yogurt and fruit

Healthy Yogurt Granola Cups

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Light & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Christmas

Prefer quick and healthy Christmas breakfast recipes to fuel your morning without filling you up? Check out the below recipes for some of my favorite light bites. Even better, most of them are great make-ahead Christmas breakfast ideas, too!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

A small glass cup with yogurt parfait topped with berries and kiwi

Healthy Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

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Winter Fruit Salad

A close-up of fruit salad in a serving bowl

Delicious Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

View Recipe

3-Ingredient Chia Pudding

Chia pudding in a bowl topped with mixed berries

3 Ingredient Chia Pudding (How to, Variations + FAQs)

View Recipe

Poached Eggs (Over Toast or with Asparagus)

Three poached egsg in a small bowl

How Do You Poach an Egg? (+ Top Tips | Multiple Methods)

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Christmas Breakfast Drinks

Can’t stomach the thought of eating a big breakfast on Christmas day? Here are a few drinks you could turn to instead to keep you hydrated and tide you over.

Creamy Hot Chocolate

Homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Creamy Homemade Hot Chocolate

View Recipe

White Hot Chocolate

square photo of white hot chocolate in a glass mug

How to Make White Hot Chocolate (+ Flavors| Toppings| Crockpot Option)

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Holiday Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice latte topped with whipped cream

Pumpkin Spice Latte

View Recipe

Easy Berry Smoothie

A glass with pink mixed berry smoothie

Super Easy Berry Smoothie

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Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Two glasses with orange juice

How to Make Orange Juice

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Stovetop Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice served in a glass with rosemary

How to Make Cranberry Juice (Stovetop | Sugar Free Optional)

View Recipe

Want Your Christmas Breakfast To Go Ahead Without a Hitch?

I have 3 tips for you. First, plan your menu ahead of time so you’re not left floundering in the morning. Also, set the table the night before since no one enjoys chores first thing in the morning.

At the same time, any prep you can do in advance will make for a lower fuss and the best Christmas morning breakfast you can achieve – whether that’s preparing entire dishes or just individual ingredients!

Let me know in the comments below your favorite tips for a fuss-free Christmas morning. What is your traditional Christmas breakfast like? And what are your favorite Christmas brunch recipes?

More Christmas Must-Knows

If you try any of these Christmas breakfast and Christmas brunch ideas, let me know how it goes in the comments below. I would love to see your recipe recreations – tag me on Instagram @Alphafoodie!

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